Mental Health

This is a specialized introductory class for those who have been initiated to Ifá.  If you are a nurse, healer, etc. who is also an Òrìṣà Priest and have your icons of Ògún and Èṣù, this class is also open to you.  Ògún and Èṣù are extremely important Òrìṣà to have for this class.  Students will take part in the discussion of mental illness from the view point of Ifá.  What does Ifá say about mental illness, its causes and remedies; the science behind ewé (plants & herbs), medicines Oògùn.  Ògún and Èṣù incantations, how to use Ifá to confirm the mental state of the patient, what are the rituals associated.  For the Òrìṣà Priest Bàbá will include the steps required for those who use ẹẹ́rìndínlógún divination. 

 Bàbá uses both live and video recordings, it is a five-week course, one day per week for two hours each class.   After the completion of the course there will be a follow-up Q&A session with Bàbá. 

Babaláwo Awo Ògúntólú Ifáyẹmí

Has more than 16 years in the practice of Ifá.  He is also Ọmọ Ògún and has received several other Orishas by hand.  Baba is well respected in his town of Ibadan.  He is currently completing his PhD in computer science.  

Cost: $298

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*Students are obliged not to re-print or disclose publicly any notes/written information of any teachers class material.*