Bàbá Fìríifá Adéwùsí

Bàbá is an Ifá Priest.  Originally from Ògùn-State, his spiritual home is Ondó-State. Bàbá Adéwùsí’s classes are bi-weekly pre-recorded videos.  His classes are for anyone who is interested in learning more about these ethereal functions of life and how to achieve your best in life. 


  • Introduction (What is Orí)
  • Why should you nourish Orí?
  • How to nourish your Orí?
  • Why Orí is the creator

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  • Importance of good attitude and character (having good attitude creates balance)
  • The best Sacrifice
  • Human Beings
  • Your Family

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  • Understanding your destiny.
  • Knowing your circles in the areas such as job, marriage, travels etc.
  • Working in alignment of your destiny
  • Rebuilding new roads for yourself/Improving your destiny
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Cost is $30.00 for each class

*Students are obliged not to re-print or disclose publicly any notes/written information of any teacher's class material.*