Online Learning Center
 for Ifa and Orisa Practitioners
Ile Imo is an online learning center, linking Ifa and Orisa Practitioners, Educators and Historians from Yourbaland and the diaspora to initiated practitioners (as well as non- initiated individuals) here in the states and around the world.

Ile Imo Online Learning Center: 

All of our classes are an investment in your personal growth, culturally, spiritually and mentally.  Remember our forefathers and mothers, their sacrifices and investments they made for us to thrive and thrive we must in moving forward.  We no longer have to be cut off due to distance from our cultural history and elders both aboard and throughout the diaspora.   Ile Imo is proud to be a vehicle for you to reconnect and reclaim what was taken away from you by design.

Current Classes include:

  • When You Receive Your Hand of Ifa
  • The historical Yoruba characters that become Orisa
  • Leaves are Medicine
  • Memory Medicine
  • Bitter Leaf Medicine
  • Mental Health
  • Ori, IWA, Ipin Destiny and Ilera t’ Ounje
  • Health and Food
  • The Genesis of Iroko Tree (African Women’s Mystery)

Sometimes the path forward isn’t always totally clear.  You see the value in knowing about yourself, your spiritual and cultural lineage. But how to do it, where to start how will you integrate what you seek how will it improve your life.  The process may not always be so straight forward.  Here is where Ile Imo can be a vehicle for you. 

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